About Cross Compliance

Cross Compliance Requirements

If you are receiving Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) scheme such as single payment or other rural development payment schemes, you will be required to meet cross compliance requirements. These requirements do cut across all farming activities and majority falling in these key areas:

• Good record keeping
• Livestock keeping
• Soil management, ploughing and cultivation.
• Harvesting activities
• Post harvesting activities
• Protecting habitats and maintaining landscapes

Penalties for breaching the Cross Compliance requirements

If you have received payments under the Single Payment Scheme (SPS), other rural development schemes or other common agriculture policy (CAP) support schemes, you will face penalties incase you don't meet Cross Compliance requirements. It is important to remember that Cross Compliance obligations apply in addition to other underlying UK and European legislation. That means if you don't meet those requirements you could face more penalties, which could lead to a loss of CAP payments. All farming activities are covered by Cross Compliance and therefore you must comply with these obligations on all the agricultural land you are holding. Remember this is regardless of the amount of land you entered into the SPS.

Non- compliance Payment reductions

If you fail to meet the requirements, your SPS and other direct payments will be reduced between 1% and 5%. The figures will depend on severity, permanence and extent of the breach. European Union regulations state that there can be reduction or increment in payment reduction depending on the extent of the breach. Intentional non-compliance can result to 100% payment reduction.

Self Assessment Tool

Cross Compliance has a self assessment tool which will allow you to easily and quickly assess your latest farming practices against both SMRs and GAECs that constitute to this compliance. There is also WFA (whole farm approach) which is an online service used to support registered farmers and the growers. WFA will help you save money and time by unifying and simplifying the way in which you can receive importance news and report farming to government departments and Defra.